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Hj Ahmad Zaki Bin Hj Awg Antin

Bekas Peserta LFC 3.0

"Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, Alhamdulillah I feel blessed that Allah SWT gave me a chance to breathe and to repent to Him and also giving me chance to join LFC 3.0 which really gave a big impact on my life.

I joined Leaders Foundation Camp 3.0 because I am a very shy person and I don’t really like approaching someone or being approached by someone. Being a president of one of the clubs in my school made me insecure about my leadership skills. I often ask myself, “Do I deserve this position? Can I lead my team to success?”

I can’t even talk to a stranger, even saying hi. The first activity that my team and I organised about a month ago was quite successful but I was really nervous to talk infront of the audience. That is why I wanted to join LFC 3.0 – to be a better leader and to conquer my fear of public speaking.

I admitted that I brought my friends to join LFC because I was scared to be alone, at the same time I’m scared because they’re not really into this type of camp but I convinced them to join in.

Everything changed after I stepped into LFC in day one which everything was beyond my imagination. All of the facilitators and committee were all so hyped and very dedicated to show us what LFC truly means. It’s not all about to improve our leadership skills but also to change ourselves to become a better person both in dunya and akhirah.

First day was epic! By day one I was already able to conquer my fear, I approached strangers, I asked them questions, we hugged each other, we get to know each other so well already it’s like everything happened in a blink of an eye. For the first time ever, I cried on a stranger’s shoulder, could you imagine that? Being a very shy person then the next day day, there you are, approaching people, saying hi to them and even cry on their shoulders.

Day two was the day that I learnt to let go of my ego and learn that there’s no point of living if there’s no berkah from our parents and from Allah. Also how important for us to have knowledge and appreciate it and how to push ourselves towards success and learn about the basics of teamwork that was also kind of scary for me because I don’t really talk much with the opposite gender but everything changed, I’ve finally able to communicate with the them. Everything you do wouldn’t happened without the people around you to help you rise and that’s what teamwork really is.

Day three, our final day was truly tremendous. We get to know what teamwork truly means. What a great leader truly means. How to appreciate the gifts that Allah gave us. LFC truly gave a big impact for me and my friends and all of the participants. Eversince that moment, I changed my niat from becoming a better leader, to become a better person in dunya and akhirah that benefits people because as said in the hadith, "The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to others" and the most important thing is that we do this for the sake of Allah and also to bring my friends towards jannah because, "if you wanna go fast you go alone, if you wanna go far you go together" In sha Allah we’ll meet each other at Jannah.

The moment the camp was about to be over, I was already in tears, missing my fellow buddies that we work hard together with, to achieve our goals, to be a better person and fighting through the pain to success as a word says that, "You have to go through storms in other to reach a rainbow". My last 4B cheers with my fellow sahabat was the loudest cheer I’ve ever done throughout the camp with tears in my eyes. It feels like I’ve graduated from OCS which was kinda my big dream ever since I was small."

“From strangers to friends to brothers from buddies”-ABTM

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Hj Ahmad Zaki Bin Hj Awg Antin


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